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3885 V 23000  This TP has all the channels that are open on 15 W on 11856

Telesur,Tves Vive TV, Antv  and 4 others.  

These have been here for quite some time.

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thanks. 40 percent on the azbox premium for dvb-s channels. what's the footprint in the us?  

edit.. I found this. Is 40 percent good for NM?

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I can sometimes receive this on my 10 Unimesh in Northern California.  I'm outside the 38 line.

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Photoman, what LNB/LNBF are you using on that unimesh? Also, how the heck do you get your dish so far east and still have line of sight?
Active Dishes:
-10' Unimesh C1PLL w/ ASC1
-Motorized Superdish (Stab HH90) w/Amiko L-203
Waiting for Mounting:
-7.5' KTI
-10' Fiberglass (w/Polorotor and Norsats)
Active Receivers: Many HTPCs (1xProf 7301, 2xDVBSky S960), Amiko Mini HD SE, DSR-4810, Digitrans DTE-7150, DSR-4530
Dead: Vbox X.

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Originally Posted by dotbatman
Photoman, what LNB/LNBF are you using on that unimesh? Also, how the heck do you get your dish so far east and still have line of sight?

I use a Chaparral CoRotor with Norsat C and Ku lnbs.
I have LOS from Intelsat 23 at 53° West to AMC 8 at 139° West.

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Has this mux gone away?
Simon Bolivar 78 degrees West
3885 V 23000

I'm not seeing anything on the BLSA at this time.

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Might be a little weaker than I am used to, but I am still locking two signals there photoman.
See also 3838 V 6670 DVB-S, which is even weaker up here.

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Perfect 10 7.5' mesh Chapparal C/Ku Co-Rotor feed, Norsat 8115 CBAND, Norsat 4106A Ku Thomson Saginaw Actuator, Vbox positioner,
Home Brew Polarotor683 Servo circuit. Openbox S9, Prof7500, v4l-updatelee linux drivers installed.
ricardo's geo-orbit archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20071202191450/http://www.geo-orbit.org:80/sizepgs/tuningp2.html


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Pretty stout here photoman. Simon for photoman.jpg 

Dish`s--10' KTI,10' Button Hook,10' Unimesh x2.
1.2 Ch Masters parked at 91,103.
1.2 Ch Master with factory polar mount tracking from-58w-127w -Western Ku Dish.
1.2 Ch Master with factory polar mount tracking from-12.5w-81w -Eastern Ku Dish.
Receivers--AZMe,AZPlus,AZElite,Icecrypt S1600 HD,VU Solo2 SE,Octagon SF4008 UHD 4K,Prof 7500,TBS 6982,TBS 6902.


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Thanks, it's back this morning.
It must have been down for maintenance last night as there was just a flat line on the BLSA where it should have been.
The signal is always weak for me, only 5 to 6 dB.
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