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Discovery Network Channels
1 2
photoman76 1,803 21
by boblop
The Map Master Restoration Project
1 2
vendig 6,023 17
by stevie
Showtime east FP mode Dc2tracker 412 5
by oldbigdish
Dead 920? adm222 197 5
by boblop
Any digital feed for clock update???? herb_sims 218 4
by photoman76
cheap Motorola DSR boblop 331 5
by boblop
922 repair 826joey 244 2
by techjunkie02
DC2 Mux on Eutelsat 113 photoman76 474 2
by Reb99
showtime free preview upcoming?
1 2
jdcpa 2,819 20
by Dc2tracker
HITS Update
1 2 3 4
manhattan 3,719 47
by manhattan
10' Dish not holding Satellite positions JohnB 594 7
by JohnB
Servo Polarizer Problem? AZCoder 142 5
by AZCoder
DSR922 Power up problem
1 2
Boomer1714 307 15
by RickCaylor
ITC Discovery Networks jdcpa 705 7
by jdcpa
Lifespan of 4dtv cband56 691 10
by Art
Analog Receivers
1 2 3
Hockeynut 1,034 34
by WellerTip
DSR922 fuse owenf 248 6
by techjunkie02
Free Speech TV
1 2
photoman76 518 17
by pacificrim
Voom controller TimWinkle 108 0
by TimWinkle
2016 QSD Satellite Transition FAQ Can anyone tell me the real meaning of the article below? The whole article can be read by clicking on the link. Als kitYowah 601 7
by RickCaylor
MASTER RESET OPTIONS - 6-7-7-8-7…DSR 922 kitYowah 201 3
by boblop
4dtv 920 receiver bus44 246 4
by bus44
No DCII Lock on DSR-922 gdhunt 576 9
by bizachary
Maps on DSR-905 skyjock 288 6
by boblop
Scripps Network - DCII Mux on SES 3
1 2
photoman76 1,424 23
by dotbatman
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