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DC2 VCT's help needed. vendig 1,333 13
by vendig
DSR920 DSR922 Symbol Rates rrob311 807 2
by rrob311
Fuses for DSR-920 rrob311 837 2
by rrob311
New DC2 Mux on Galaxy 17
1 2
photoman76 2,124 18
by photoman76
NIMIQ-5 launch virginiap20007 678 2
by rrob311
HDD 200 skink 635 1
by tvropro
DSR 921 Kraven 1,097 3
by johbru
LNB Voltage Switching Settings on 4DTV cletus2k 1,237 3
by virginiap20007
Remote Control for GI 4DTV cletus2k 1,374 7
by virginiap20007
4DTV list skywalker7 1,168 4
by tvropro
HBO HD Master feed tvropro 911 0
by tvropro
Is the DSR 505 similar to the 4DTV ? oldman 1,250 4
by tvropro
Is your 4DTV battery running out of gas? oldbigdish 1,164 6
by tvropro
DiSEqC 2*1 Switch Question.
1 2 3 4
Skip 2,620 51
by Skip
DSR922 stuck in WM UP mode rrob311 1,051 1
by tvropro
DSR 920 problems rrob311 1,393 10
by rrob311
4dtv ratings ceilings bug fix oldman 1,843 6
by RickCaylor
Recording with a 4DTV receiver rrob311 892 7
DSR922 Not Moving Dish MGB80 1,090 8
by MGB80
Dsr 922 manufacture date dcalebaugh 1,382 5
by dcalebaugh
4dtv recevier worth getting? MrPenguin 1,914 6
by crackt
4dtv 922 receiver battery timh88 1,532 9
by arcbelt
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Fellow Members, your posts are welcome here! Do not worry about posting everything perfect. Different receivers and LNB's will give you different Frequencies and Symbol Rates. Some set top boxes, PCI cards and USB receivers, Do Not Require all of the same information that others may need. It is not Required to post everything that others may need to tune in a feed. It is just most important to share the find. We can always adjust the Frequency and Symbol Rates and try the various Modulations and FEC's on our own receivers until we get a lock and then give a polite reply with what works for your receiver, as that information might help others as well. We all appreciate the efforts and energy of the Posters!

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