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Originally Posted by fenelon
Had me confused at first thing is you can close if you get the wrong one.

This seems faster too with some new identifying Icons. Nice! [biggrin]

Amiko-A3, AZBox Me, MicroHD, and TBS6903. DG-380 Motor (43.1°W to 127.0°W), on 1.2M Geosat Pro.  3ABN Dish @30.0°W. 2nd 1.2M looking @103.0°W. 12FT Paraclipse Dish looking from 37.5°W to 111.1°W.

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new smart dvb 

5 est KU

C band 40 est


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Hi JJ, this problem is resolved today, no connection errors playing AC3 audio any longer!  

It appears that Windows 10 updates were the likely culprit.  I kept seeing Windows messages that said Windows was restoring defaults for various media files extensions (M2TS, AVI etc).  Can anyone suggest what to look out for in the future?  In any case wanted to report the strange Windows 10 behavior in case others see this later.  Thanks all,  Hunter

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Version 5.0 RC2 will not allow the main screen to minimize when blind scanning. Still running Xp if that makes a matter. I like to start a scan and minimize to do other things then check the scan but I think after version 4 I saw this behavior.  Repair in add or remove did not work nor did a complete clean install. The border switches from blue to grey once you start the scan so you can't move it in any direction on the desktop or minimize. thx    

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Noted should be an easy fix
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