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SES stands for Sat Chicken Systems as in using extra left over sat dishes and mounts to support one chicken hobby. I hate to see all my unused sat dishes just laying around killing the grass and making yard work harder than it needs to be. Thus I am working for finding a use for all those sat dishes to better support my chickens needs.

My square glass sat dish continues to show more delamination problems so I believe it may better be served as an egg collection system. Just put the hens nesting boxes along the outer edges of the dish and let the eggs roll down to the center hole. A mesh dish could be a roosting place as the chicken "dropping " would fall through the dish mesh holes and keep the chickens cleaner and dry.

Of course I have to set up one dish just for chickens to have sat tv channels in the hen house. I guess the cooking channels may not be a good choice for the chickens to watch. The little Hughes Net dishes will work very well when mounted right on the south side of the chicken house.

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