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anyone see the cband dish from Richland County South Carolina on Live PD?

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Dish`s--10' KTI,10' Button Hook,10' Unimesh x2, 12' Cosmos,8 1/2 foot Birdview in the works.
1.2 Ch Masters parked at 91,103,105...1.2 Ch Master on a factory Ch Master polar mount tracking from 58-127.
Positioners--Gbox,Vbox and ASC1`s
Receivers--AZMe,AZPlus,AZElite,Icecrypt S1600 HD,Pansat 9500,VU Solo2 SE,Octagon SF4008 UHD 4K,Prof 7500,TBS 6982.


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Live PD on A&E every Friday andSaturday nights. 
West coast tape delay feed at 12am ET
3 hours. there is a twitter feed that trends top 10 most Saturday's. 
Don't always watch sports....especially with baseball season almost over. [smile]
Dish is in the 1st segment if you watch the replay.

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I seen it ,look like  a fiberglass 10 foot. Looked like one of the pannels were bent up.  By the way hello guys. from South Carolina myself. Not to far from Richland cnty. Been a member for a few months, just mostly read. Have a 10 foot channel master mesh. scanning from 43.1 to 139 west.

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[wave] Welcome to Rick's! I am from the upstate myself, beautiful Travelers Rest, god's country.
12 foot Unimesh,Chaperall dual C-band feed with a pair of Norsat 8115's,1.2 meter Fortec on 9120 motor Dual Ku LNB,Zinwell4x8 switch feeding Openbox S9,Micro HD DSR922,Prof7301,Alien II and a X2 HD..Cabled with RG11 and Pico-macom power inserter for C-band lnb's.New toys, Icom R75, Radio Shack Pro106 and A uniden BCT15x.Antennas include 12' Unimesh, 1.2 Fortec,400' longwire, ScantennaII and various handheld antennas for multipile bands.
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