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I have not used the AZBox ME for over a year, so maybe I have forgot how to manually scan and save the services the receiver scanned in.  l so I need so really basic help.  BTW I have scanned in many channel before and the channels that were scanned in a year ago still work fine.  

The receiver:  AZBox ME.  Following is what's on the about screen:

Hardware: ME
Image: Openpli 2.1
Kernel Version:
Enigma: Jun 1 2012
Last Upgraded: Jul 26 2013 12:20:33
Frontprocessor version: 2

Detected NIMs:
TunerA: Availink AVL2108 DVB-S2 (DVB-S2)

Detected HDD: none

When I boot the receiver it boots into boot (0)

To start the scanning process:

I go to the menu where I setup the transponder information.  See attached picture:

I press "OK" to scan and it scans in 23 services.  See attached picture:

Here's where I have the problem.  If I click "ok" again, it just takes me back to the scan page but does not ask me if I want to save the services I scan in.  If I press "OK" again, it just rescans the services.  If I press "exit" it just takes me back to the scan page and does not ask me if I want to save the services I scanned in.  If I press "exit" again, it takes me out of the scan menu to an earlier menu.  I can't find a way to save the scanned in services.

The current image and kernel was working fine and really don't want to change it.

What am I doing wrong?

John 2017-02-27 19.03.45.jpg  2017-02-27 19.04.11.jpg 


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This process works in the later versions:

Use "Exit" instead of "OK" and exit all the way out.

Once you get to the regular viewing screen, up arrow, hit the green button, and hit "OK" again. This will load the new TPs into your channel list.

I dont remember in any Enigma images it asking you to save the scan. As long as you exit out and reload your list, they should be saved automatically.

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Thanks Big Hemi

I used "Exit" instead of OK and exit all the way out to the regular viewing screen.  I then checked to see it the new services scanned in AND THEY DID.  The other day when I was trying to scan in some additional transponders I was SO SURE that it was not working that I never check to see if the new services were there.  

Thanks for your help, I Kinda feed like a fool, but at lease a happy fool...

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