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At least until it goes sour!
Work gets in the way of play everyday.

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When I think back over the past 4 years I have found and acquired my best dishes to date by just watching the road side objects and then following up with a knock on the nearest door to find the present day owner. Yes I have been turned down on a few and those few still stand there still unused. I have eyes on a few more that soon I will knock on a door and ask about. Other dishes I have driven by for many years "suddenly one day" just were not there. I guess some went to the junk yard---game over. I should have knocked on a few more doors. In the end how else can we find large dishes at a price we are willing to spend? A few spares for parts and you are good for years ahead to make repairs if needed. I think soon I will stand up a few of my spare dishes just so I do not have to mow around them for another summer. I may just make some of them fixed in one position dishes. I see value there. So far no cows have been harmed because of my dish farming. When possible I remove the pole also.   

Never throw it away--almost never!

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