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DirecTV Caribbean Baseball feed Mike MLB Feeds 77 1
by Mike
CWS? Pops Request Feed Information 73 1
by photoman76
Camping World Truck Race from Gateway RickCaylor Motorsports Feeds 93 1
by RickCaylor
High School Hockey Mike High School Sports Feeds 64 2
by Mike
American Boxing Confederation Mike Posting of Boxing, Pro Fights, UFC and other types of Professional and Amateur Fighting events with or without commercials 46 1
by aspirepy
2017 Arena Football Feeds Mike NFL Feeds 308 10
by Mike
1 2
satlink Miscellaneous Wildfeeds & Backhauls 436 15
by Mike
NHRA Chris Motorsports Feeds 398 13
by RickCaylor
Saturday schedule/feeds for 6/17/17 Mike MLB Feeds 93 1
by cpsp0
AMC 9 No Signal fenelon Request Feed Information 212 4
by Mike
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DiamondJim NHL Feeds 5,141 233
by Hockeynut
Canada vs USA Sports feed Mike Miscellaneous Wildfeeds & Backhauls 40 0
by Mike
Lucas Oil Motocross gopher Request Feed Information 23 0
by gopher
Soccer Mike High School Sports Feeds 32 1
by Mike
Cubavision saturday night movies
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Conky Networks 14,331 173
by Conky
Mountain Cycling satlink Miscellaneous Wildfeeds & Backhauls 32 0
by satlink
Fight Night Holly ... Scrambled Mike Posting of Boxing, Pro Fights, UFC and other types of Professional and Amateur Fighting events with or without commercials 53 0
by Mike
Protest/March Mike Miscellaneous Wildfeeds & Backhauls 66 3
by Mike
Friday schedule/feeds for 6/16/17 Mike MLB Feeds 97 5
by countda
ATSC tuners in Linux
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updatelee Computer and USB Satellite Receivers and Recording 16,224 402
by Kingston
Bluetooth speaker? gittist Receiver Discussions 122 4
by Pops
New MUX on G19 Ku with NASA pb_in_OH Networks 734 12
by majortom
nhk mux 58w merkin Networks 1,156 10
by Mike
TNT Colombia Mike Networks 96 0
by Mike
AMC 4 photoman76 Off Topic Discussions 177 2
by photoman76

Fellow Members, your posts are welcome here! Do not worry about posting everything perfect. Different receivers and LNB's will give you different Frequencies and Symbol Rates. Some set top boxes, PCI cards and USB receivers, Do Not Require all of the same information that others may need. It is not Required to post everything that others may need to tune in a feed. It is just most important to share the find. We can always adjust the Frequency and Symbol Rates and try the various Modulations and FEC's on our own receivers until we get a lock and then give a polite reply with what works for your receiver, as that information might help others as well. We all appreciate the efforts and energy of the Posters!

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