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Getting back into it
1 2 3 4
MattF 964 59
by Pops
AZBox ME and HD+ randomly switch aspect on GDMX 10 jdcpa 46 1
by Captain
Receivers that work well with symbol rates above 30,000 cpsp0 149 0
by cpsp0
Newbie here, first post... EagleEye69 264 8
by EagleEye69
Satcruiser 2040 (401P) BRSat 674 11
by BRSat
serial cable sam 118 0
by sam
4.2.2 suggestions
1 2
adm222 843 15
by jdcpa
Identifying equipment wsherrard 1,276 4
by rempfer
No longer get 8PSK rodp 731 7
by N2bnfunn
Geosatpro hdvr 1200 editor parabolicman 132 0
by parabolicman
Vu+ Solo 4K (North American setup)
1 2
HDorBust 1,112 21
by Hockeynut
TBS 5925 life span
1 2
boblop 482 27
by andyinyakima
trying to tune 101west cbsnd spacedvb 318 5
by photoman76
Restore f/w of Azbox premium+
1 2
gemelli47 5,112 18
by wejones
Details about FTA DVB-S2 American Satellite + IPTV Combo TV BOX Receiver bus44 490 6
by bus44
Houston Tracker System V Sensor Question skideric 374 13
by N2bnfunn
Best Fta Receiver
1 2
jackspratt 1,648 18
by lovetv___
To Pursue a Dreamlink? SolitaryJerk 254 2
by virginiap20007
STO observations jdcpa 185 0
by jdcpa
Jynxbox TP Editing
1 2
Pixl 882 17
by sam
Is receiver capable of decoding H.264 4:2:2 signals??? cpsp0 385 3
by WellerTip
Will my Azbox Me Do 16APSK?
1 2
Callisto 577 20
by wejones
Motorola IRD xopowo 251 7
by xopowo
Looking for a demodulator
1 2
xopowo 350 18
by xopowo
Another Dolby E question
1 2 3
trey 1,758 30
by Tholex
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