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Cheap China Receiver Discussions are NOT allowed here. RickCaylor 885 0
by RickCaylor
CBS & CW adm222 103 2
by bpalone
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HDorBust 17,874 391
by seefoo
looking for a remote control for a old drake oldcat374 204 7
by oldcat374
satellites.xml parameters jdcpa 90 4
by Captain
1 2
mountaineer 4,254 20
by mountaineer
Newbie/oldbie question OldTVROer 221 2
by Mike
Newbie and recievers GuppyGeo 500 13
by GuppyGeo
Fried LNB???
1 2
jmnet 326 15
by biggt
Looking for a receiver that does DVB-S2 8PSK hotdog842 646 8
by wrench
Receiver Control of APC Controller WT1964 115 3
by WT1964
enigma 2 ignore PMT PID stream from WEBIF cband 46 0
by cband
Deleting a satellite from a Uniden 9000 Mike 103 4
by Mike
STB that will play 4:2:2
1 2
MattF 1,385 28
by Tholex
Bluetooth speaker? gittist 151 4
by Pops
Nfusion Nuvenio HD 8psk help hotdog842 160 4
by virginiap20007
New Poster DVBS2 Receiver question redneksioux 328 4
by majortom
Drake ESR-1824 rolltide 123 0
by rolltide
France HEVC DVB receiver
1 2 3
Jean 1,659 36
by habs
Best New STB WT1964 785 7
by WT1964
16apsk gopher 870 9
by EmilNJ
Traxis DBS6000HD gopher 163 2
by gopher
ASE Technologies Inc Receiver Shalom_David18 128 0
by Shalom_David18
Too many models... meijan 569 6
by meijan
Receiver questions
1 2
ftafan81 1,609 29
by EmilNJ
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