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I have the dish on the pole
1 2 3 4
MattF 969 57
by EagleEye69
New Diff type Radyx find skideric 66 0
by skideric
syncing video with audio ?? techjunkie02 143 4
by dst1000
New bud installs & finds skideric 128 2
by skideric
CAN STAB HH-120 HANDLE A 40" PRIMESTAR DISH feedmehd 226 7
by N2bnfunn
Anybody in the KCMO area willing to install for me? EagleEye69 83 0
by EagleEye69
Ku Prime Feed KOSMO 134 5
by techjunkie02
CM 1,2m motorized mount
1 2
RimaNTSS 347 16
by RimaNTSS
Super Buddy Usefullness edmoilers 108 1
by felix
Limits reach. awc 261 9
by awc
New Positioner markus19 107 2
by RimaNTSS
Can't find a certain web site. Help ALLEYCAT60 105 4
LNB adjustment markus19 231 4
by wejones
Ground signal interference
1 2 3 4 5 6
tds1 1,042 79
by boblop
How do you find the most current transponder for satellites. Could not get a single on SES3-Ku aka AMC1
1 2 3 4 5 6  ... Last Page
Julieber 1,327 121
by roxme69
Satellite Dish is plumbed and the roof is reinforced, but I can't receive galaxy 18 or AMC 21
1 2 3 4 5
Julieber 295 69
by Captain
Defintive source for satellite locations gittist 115 2
by pendragon
Movable bud base blademedia 93 2
by boblop
Venture actuator magnet wheels dem0nlord 281 10
by boblop
Starcast H to H mount blademedia 172 4
by blademedia
8' Channel Master fiberglass dish K4CF 220 6
by Captain
When on SES 3, channels scan between parts of SES 3 and Galaxy 15 after reinforcement of roof under my satellite dish Julieber 144 2
by boblop
Does my satellie dish mount look reinforced from the photos in the attic, after my neighor attempted to reinforce the roof and dish from the attic? Julieber 160 1
by photoman76
Free channels on Digicipher encrypted MUX... Shalom_David18 408 5
by photoman76
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