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Avail TVN Muxes photoman76 1,243 4
by Reb99
NPR photoman76 304 3
by agus0103
Galaxie.TV Music Channels
1 2 3 4
photoman76 6,522 52
by rempfer
IPCleaner Discussion Thread
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bluzee 13,161 128
by bluzee
Vubiquity VOD Muxes on Galaxy 28 photoman76 266 1
by bluzee
by Julieber
IPCleaner software - Only Post File Updates Here mips 4,917 10
by roxme69
wbxz feeds dennis56 345 2
by dennis56
For anyone who has a STB that can play IPTV??? cpsp0 895 7
by EmilNJ
IPTV equipped receivers get ESPN3??? cpsp0 613 9
by DRCars
Another Iptv 113 west KU midwestmac 475 2
by midwestmac
Bloomberg and Knowledge channel midwestmac 506 1
by midwestmac
IPTV Feeds questions..
1 2
techjunkie02 1,144 28
by midwestmac
Unknown IPTV - Galaxy 19 photoman76 537 0
by photoman76
IPTV AzBox miniMe
1 2
Agent0020 1,146 29
by mountaineer
New AMC 11 Mux photoman76 780 2
by photoman76
Unknown IPTV -SES 1 photoman76 521 0
by photoman76
Satmex6 @113W IPTV
1 2
midwestmac 1,957 15
by bluzee
Weather Channel in FedEx Mux photoman76 844 0
by JRsTheMAN
Iptv SES1 ? midwestmac 1,295 9
by midwestmac
Arsenio Hall d1g1ta7 659 0
by d1g1ta7
Galaxy 16 Ku IPTV photoman76 1,315 0
by photoman76
AMC1 Iptv 11942 V
1 2
midwestmac 4,760 25
by scherry
EXTV d1g1ta7 963 6
by wejones
Wendy Williams Show d1g1ta7 494 0
by d1g1ta7
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Fellow Members, your posts are welcome here! Do not worry about posting everything perfect. Different receivers and LNB's will give you different Frequencies and Symbol Rates. Some set top boxes, PCI cards and USB receivers, Do Not Require all of the same information that others may need. It is not Required to post everything that others may need to tune in a feed. It is just most important to share the find. We can always adjust the Frequency and Symbol Rates and try the various Modulations and FEC's on our own receivers until we get a lock and then give a polite reply with what works for your receiver, as that information might help others as well. We all appreciate the efforts and energy of the Posters!

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