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How To Use TBS Blindscan with TBS Viewer babadem 343 8
by babadem
Kodi 18 test DarkSky 134 0
by DarkSky
TBS USB receivers mr3p 420 6
by mr3p
suggestions for a newbie please. OCCL 176 9
Streamreader Download
1 2
assemblersat 471 22
by sat45
What are PMT, PAT, SDT, and EIT, and do I want to rewrite them? tv21 332 3
by tv21
Montage and ACM/VCM Richard 194 4
by Richard
TBS6903 Softwares
1 2
babadem 370 16
by crazycat
TBS6983 DVB-S2 Professional TV Tuner PCIe Card
1 2
babadem 581 26
by photoman76
Audio Surround Questions Unit54 322 8
by jackjavo
Fta over local network TechJunky90 447 11
by tv21
Help needed with streamreader.dll c# drhans 73 0
by drhans
OS upgrade seefoo 124 3
by crazycat
SichboPVR v3 preview
1 2 3
Sichbo 6,082 42
by DRL
manual_media_build.sh jowski 60 0
by jowski
KODI add-on to decode 4:2:2? cpsp0 613 9
by bluzee
About new TBS cards( DVB-S2x )
1 2 3
serkanguzel 5,049 43
by crazycat
EBSpro no future ? assemblersat 446 7
by assemblersat
Technisat Skystar eXpress HD Crazycat vs UDL driver
1 2 3
area21 456 37
by area21
Genpix and Kernel 4.4.0 (Ubuntu Xenial 16.04) Gumby 65 0
by Gumby
tbs 5990 not work from first time when i running laptop vooo 109 1
by vooo
Kaffeine 2 - No channels found Llew 212 8
by Llew
Packet drops tds1 70 1
by andyinyakima
TBS Open Source Drivers tv21 507 4
by serkanguzel
Windows Vista 32bit - 7 Home Premium 64bit Upgrade
1 2 3 4
Leatherneck 640 50
by Leatherneck
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Fellow Members, your posts are welcome here! Do not worry about posting everything perfect. Different receivers and LNB's will give you different Frequencies and Symbol Rates. Some set top boxes, PCI cards and USB receivers, Do Not Require all of the same information that others may need. It is not Required to post everything that others may need to tune in a feed. It is just most important to share the find. We can always adjust the Frequency and Symbol Rates and try the various Modulations and FEC's on our own receivers until we get a lock and then give a polite reply with what works for your receiver, as that information might help others as well. We all appreciate the efforts and energy of the Posters!

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